Frequently Asked Questions

We at Eagle Landing Apartments want to invite you to live with us

If you have tripped the breaker in your unit call the office. If a total power outage occurs contact Pacific Power to report an outage or check the status for approximate restoration. Pacific power will generally email you alerts and notices regarding power outages. The office does not have any control over restoring power to any unit due to weather, storms, damage, etc. 

We would like Bend Patrol called for noise disturbances so we can get their written report.  You can also call if you see an activity on the grounds that seems suspicious and needs checking out, or if folks are in the hot tub after 10pm. They are a patrol company, NOT a security company. If there is an emergency call 911, if you think you need police but are not sure, you can call their non-emergency number at 541-693-6911.

Emergencies include flood or fire, or If you are unable to secure your unit after hours. If there is a fire call 911. Emergency maintenance phone number is 1-541-241-4173

Please do not call the emergency line for noise complaints or power outages. Call Bend Patrol for noise complaints at 541-617-9999. If there is a power outage contact Pacific Power to report. The office is not in control of any power outages. 

Yes, you may put up bamboo roller blinds on the patio and an outdoor rug if you want. We do recommend outdoor rugs as they help with debris falling on decks below you.  Charcoal BBQs can be used on first floor units only, as the wood on the second and third floor decks are unsafe for charcoal. Propane and electric BBQs can be used on any level unit. Be sure your renters insurance covers the BBQ. Practice safe use of your BBQ at all times.

If you would like to paint and accent wall you may. If you leave it painted a different color when you move out, you will be charged for maintenance to repaint. . If you would like a ceiling fan or other different light, or plumbing fixtures, maintenance must do the installation for you.  You buy the new item, call the office to schedule the work order and maintenance will install it at no cost to you.  They can also take it down when you move.

Yes you may, please be tasteful. The metal magnet clip on your front door is for postings, please do not remove it and leave it clear of decorations. DO NOT leave your Christmas tree on your back deck, or dispose of in the dumpsters. You got the tree in, you must take it out. 

Call the office. If it happens after hours, please note details about the car and call the office during hours or leave us a message. Most of these instances are guests. Please remind your guests not to part in ANY covered parking spot. Also, do not park in spaces your neighbor just moved from– we need that spot for our vendors to turn over the apartment.

About 80 spaces. Do not park in any covered parking spot not assigned to your unit. All vehicles parking in visitor parking spaces must move their car every 3 days and are subject to towing if not complied. Overflow parking in Fred Meyer is allowed, please respect their property. You are responsible for your visitors parking compliance. 

No trailers may be stored on Eagle Landing Property.

Yes, there are firewalls between apartments as well as sprinklers in each apartment.

Yes, the crawl spaces are separated per apartment.

Curtains are allowed to be put up, but the blinds cannot be taken down. Shelving and TV mounts may be installed, but maintenance will not install them for liability reasons. 

Garage sizes are 10′ X 20′. Garages are for general storage only, not for vehicles. You may not use your garage for auto repair.

Smoking is allowed on your back patio ONLY. No smoking is allowed out on the property or in your unit. All cigarette butts MUST be disposed of properly in a metal container with sand or water. Absolutely no cigarette butts may be thrown off your patio, it is an extreme fire hazard and will not be tolerated. 

Sorry, smoking marijuana is not allowed on Eagle Landing Property.